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We will pay cash or credit for your albums.

Email us a list of the titles that you’re interested in trading and we will let you know how much we’re prepared to pay for them. If you decide to accept our offer, print out our email and post it to us along with the albums.

The credit offer (to be used to “purchase” in stock items of your choice from our website) will generally be higher than the cash offer, i.e. you might be offered $50 cash or $70 credit.

If you decide to accept our cash offer, no matter where in the world you live, upon receipt of your albums, we will organise for you to receive your payment promptly.

Also, if for any reason you do not want to keep a purchase that you have made from Soundmass.com, return it to us within 2 weeks of receipt and we will give you a reduced credit towards purchasing another item from our site. Provided that the item is returned to us in its original condition, the credit will be calculated at the rate of 60% of the original purchase price for a new item and 70% on used items. For example, if you send back a used CD that you purchased from us for $15 we will give you a credit of $11.50 towards the purchase of a replacement item. The extra shipping costs will be the customer's responsibility.

Discrepancies: We must be notified of any faulty product or discrepancies which occur with an order within 30 days. Failure to notify us within 30 days may negate the claim.

Any questions? Feel free to email us: info@soundmass.com

Soundmass.com Want List:

If you have any of the titles below on CD, and you're interested in trading or selling them, please let us know:

A Hill To Die Upon - Infinite Titanic Immortal (L or XL shirt)
A Hill To Die Upon - Omens (Ltd. Ed. dbl.)
A.D. - Live
Allies - Long Way To Paradise
Altar Boys - Live At Cornerstone 2000
America Gomorrah - Exchanging Truth For A Lie
Antestor - Kongsblod
Anticipation - Anticipation
Antiskeptic - Antiskeptic (pre-release promo EP)
Armageddon - The Money Mask (L or XL shirt)
Avalon - Avalon (Australian band)
Avenger Of Blood
Believer - Extraction From Mortality (L or XL shirt)
David Benson - David And Goliath (demo CD)
Bent - No Compromise
Bestir - Bestir (e.p.)
Betrayal - Plead The Blood (L or XL shirt)
Bride - Live To Die (L or XL shirt)
Bride - Live To Die (vinyl)
Bride - Show No Mercy (L or XL shirt)
Bride - Show No Mercy (vinyl)
Bride - Silence Is Madness (L or XL shirt)
Bride - Silence Is Madness (vinyl)
Bride - The Making Of Silence Is Madness (VHS)
Chloe's House - Word Smith
Chryztyne - In The Darkness Of The Night
Clemency - Satan's Funereal
Common Yet Forbidden - We Suffer Violence (e.p.)
Crimson Thorn - Purification (L or XL shirt)
Crimson Thorn - Unearthed (L or XL shirt)
Crucial Kick - In Your Faith
Dark Night - Cemetery Porter (SGR verison)
Dark Night - Tales After Midnight (SGR verison)
Dark Night - Night Of Halloween
Day Of Ascension - The Absurd Masquerade
Decapitated Sheep - Woes (e.p.)
Deliverance - No Time (L or XL shirt)
Demoniciduth - Post Tenebras Lux (2002 full-length)
Demoniciduth - Pre-Release (demo cassette)
Deracination - Deracination (cassette)
Deracination - Times Of Atrocity
Deracination - Times Of Atrocity (L or XL shirt)
Discarnated - Discarnated (demo cassette)
Encryptor - Drowning In Flesh
Eterna - Epiphany
Eterna - Live
Extol - Embraced (demo cassette)
Frost Like Ashes - 2002 (demo)
Glorify - Glorify (demo)
Grim - Sceptre Of Blood
Groms – Ascension (Arctic Serenades version)
Guardian - The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back (G-Man Records version)
Haven - Straight From The Cutting Room Floor
Heaven's Metal Vol. 2 Iss. #2 (Eternal Ryte)
Heaven's Metal Vol. 2 Iss. #4
Hero - Risen (cassette)
Katy Hudson - Katy Hudson
Immortal Souls - Under The Northern Sky
Immortal Souls/Mordecai - Divine Wintertime/Through The Woods Towards the Dawn
Inversion - Tarsus Burning
Joshua - Intense Defence
Kekal - Limited Demo (cassette)
Kekal - Contra Spiritualia Nequitiae
Lament - Breathless
Adam Lester - Home
Leviticus - Setting Fire To The Earth (Solid Rock version)
Light Hammer - Holy Wings (demo cassette)
Luke - Godspeed
Metanoia - Time To Die
Mortification - Break The Curse (demo cassette)
Mortification/Tourniquet - Collector's Edition CD Single
Mortification - Post Momentary Affliction (L or XL shirt - Nuclear Blast cover)
Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth/Gorefest - False
Mortification vinyl
New Eden - Savage Garden (cassette)
One Bad Pig - Smash
Paramaecium - Repentance (e.p.)
Paramaecium - Within The Ancient Forest
Steven Patrick - Red Reign
Michelle Pillar - Michelle Pillar
Possession - Mad, Crazed And Violent (demo)
Pylon - Natural Songbirth
Rackets And Drapes - Love Letters From Hell
Rock Power Praise Vol. 3: Gospel Hymns
Roots Of Tragedy - Awakening Beyond (e.p.)
Steve Rowe - Minstrel (novel)
Sacrament - Presumed Dead (L or XL shirt)
Sacrament - Testimony Of Apocalypse (L or XL shirt)
Sacred Warrior - 2001 Demo
Saint - Time's End (L or XL shirt)
Saint - Too Late For Living (L or XL shirt)
Sal Paradise - For You And Before You
Sal Paradise - Return The Sky
Saviour Machine - Behold A Pale Horse
Scarlet Red - 1989 (demo)
Scarlet Red - Don't Dance With Danger
Klay Scott - Jack Of All Trades/Master Of None (unofficial biography)
Seventh Avenue - Children
Seventh Avenue - First Strike (demo)
Seventh Seal - Seventh Seal (demo)
Seventh Seal - Seventh Seal II (demo)
Siloam - Crock
Slechtvalk - Falconry
Soul Embraced - For The Incomplete
Randy Stonehill - Celebrate This Heartbeat
Stryper - Against The Law (Ltd. Ed. digipak)
Stryper - Loud 'N Clear (book)
Stryper - The Yellow And Black Attack (Japanese version)
Stryper - To Hell With The Devil (Enigma version)
Sympathy - Age Of Darkness
Sympathy - Arrogance And Ignorance
Sympathy - Realms Of Chaos
Sympathy – Sympathy
The Synics Awakening - No Pity For A Coward
Teramaze - 2008 Demo
Teramaze - Anthology
Teramaze - Doxology
Trytan - Sylentiger
Ultimatum - Heart Of Metal (L or XL shirt)
Ultimatum - Symphonic Extremities (demo cassette)
Undercover - Balance Of Power
Various - 4-Way Noise Explosion
Various - A Tribute To Living Sacrifice
Various - Come Armageddon (vinyl)
Various - Heavenly Metal Ballads
Various - Just Be Sure It's Pure
Various - Metal Meltdown
Various - Northern Lights: Norwegian Metal Compilation
Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice (L or XL shirt)
Vengeance Rising - Released Upon The Earth (L or XL shirt)
Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall
Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall (L or XL shirt)
Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary (L or XL shirt)
Void If Removed - Craving
Warfrozen (e.p.)
White Throne Apocalypse
Whitecross - To The Limit
Xalt: Dark War
Zion - Rock For Eternity (cassette)

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