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Hellig Usvart (2004 re-issue)
by Horde

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1994/2004, Rowe Productions/Soundmass

10th Anniversary Edition of this absolute classic - includes bonus track and new layout.

"This album is pure black metal from beginning to ending... it's an album definitely worth listening to, if just to experience the extreme intensity. The music is dark, it's brutal, it's fast, and it will rip you to shreds." -The Whipping Post

Digital download also available on iTunes: CLICK THIS LINK

A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds
Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram
Behold, The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon
Thine Hour Hast Come
Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice
Drink From The Chalice Of Blood
Silence The Blasphemous Chanting
Invert The Inverted Cross
An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight
Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat
Weak, Feeble, And Dying Anti-Christ
The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust

Bonus Track
Mine Heart Doth Beseech Thee (O Master)

Category: Hard Music

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