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The Whore And The Bride
by Synnove

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Mp3 Download (sourced from www.soundmass.com)

2008, Soundmass

Soundmass is pleased to announce their release of the first full-length for South Australia metallers Synnove. You can expect music that has moved away from the symphonic/gothic influences of their debut self-titled EP to a more aggressive twin-guitar black metal sound, with plenty of melodic doses of doom and death along the way. “The Whore and the Bride” is a musical dialogue between brutality and beauty, dissonance and harmony, groove and chaos, with a life affirming message that there is something beyond the darkness.

This 50 minute epic is recommended for fans of Emperor, My Dying Bride and Bathory.

BONUS: order your copy of “The Whore and the Bride” from Soundmass and you will also receive a free Synnove sticker!

Digital download also available on iTunes: CLICK THIS LINK

Funeral For Innocence
Rhythms Of The Apocalypse
The Whore And The Bride
Non Servium
The Cry Of Creation
The Last Lament

Category: Hard Music

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Synnove The Whore And The Bride
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