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Decapitacion Absoluta Al Falso Profeto
by Hortor

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2007, Exhort Metal Records

"This Mexican black metal band formed in 2004. Their indie debut was released on Exhort Metal Records midway through 2008, resulting in their just being signed to Sullen Records for a major label CD EP release late in 2008. This is melodic, atmospheric black metal. Intense passages are punctuated by mixed female operatic vocals mixed with clean male vocals, without every losing its black metal essence."

El Asqueroso Imperio De Qulifoth
By The Sword Of The Almighty Emperor
Derribando Las Fortalezas De Satanas
Desgarra La Vestidura De Bafometh
Venciendo A Satnas Con El Poder De Mi Senor
The Darkness Disappears By The Godness
Decapitacion Absoluta Al Falso Profeto
The King Is Seated In The Justice Throne
Senor Con Tu Poder Haz Temblar A Los Demonios

Note: This album has been released by their label on a CD-R

Category: Hard Music

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