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by Peacock, Charlie

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1996, Re:think

This recording, Strangelanguage, is a funhouse mirror of all the music I've ever admired and loved: quirky jazz, noisy cranky guitars, pop singles, world music, old school analog treatments and more. On the lyric side, I've never been just a "boy meets girl" kind of songwriter, and this record is no exception. I suppose I'm more "boy meets girll and they stay up late talking, asking the big questions like: Why are we here? What's it all for? Where are we going?"
-Charlie Peacock

This audio c.d. also features bonus interactive cd-rom multimedia with exclusive video footage.

That's The Point
Insult Like The Truth
Sneakin' Up On Me
The Harvest Is The End Of The World
Lady Soul (Aretha In The A.M.)
Struck Blind
Tumble Down
Liquid Days

Category: Mainstream/Rock/Pop

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