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Live Planetarium (re-issue)

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Label : Rowe Productions   Year : 1993/2006

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Running Time: 90 min.

Rowe Productions have just released a re-issue of the classic Mortification – “Live Planetarium” video on DVD and it is now available!

Steve Rowe’s back-cover blurb best sums up this DVD: “I guess many bands don’t realise it when they create ground-breaking music. According to most who love this band, our early era was our definitive time. The combination of Jayson Sherlock’s blistering drum skills, Mick Carlisle’s rhythm genius and my ability to smile while playing death metal was, and is, amazingly hailed by fans still to this day.

Unfortunately, Jayson never toured with the band internationally, choosing to leave the group in ealy ‘93. Mick and myself toured the US mid that year with Vengeance Rising drummer Johnny Vasquez. When returning from the trip, Jayson briefly regrouped with us to record this highlight live material. Possibly this concert footage is the finest moment in Mortification history.

Drummer Phil Gibson replaced Jayson and, following the recording of the Blood World album, toured Europe with us in ‘94. Included on this DVD is full length concert footage, Scrolls Of The Megilloth and Grind Planetarium concept clips, as well as exclusive interview footage. Bonus material includes a number of zany snippets of myself at my old rental home in ’93, my 28th birthday party in the studio recording Post Momentary Affliction and an interesting underground show in Andernack, Germany, in ‘94, with Phil Gibson on drums”.

Grind Planetarium
Distarnish Priest
The History So Far
Brutal Warfare
Scrolls Of The Megilloth
On Playing Live: Part 1
Time Crusaders
The Dark Side
Black Snake
Grind Planetarium (Concept Clip Intro)
Grind Planetarium (Concept Clip)
Human Condition
On Playing Live: Part 2
Steve Talks
God Rulz
This Momentary Affliction
On Music Styles
Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Concept Clip Intro)
Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Concept Clip)
Credits And Final Comments

Bonus Footage
At Steve’s Old Rental House ’93: Part 1
Bathed In Blood (Concept Clip)
At Steve’s Old Rental House ’93: Part 2
Terminate Damnation (Live ’92)
At Steve’s Old Rental House ’93: Part 3
Steve’s 28th Birthday Party At Toybox Studio During The Recording Of Post Momentary Affliction
Recording Flight Of Victory (Bass Solo)
Brutal Warfare (Live At The Cornerstone Festival, USA ’93)
Distarnish Priest (Live At The Cornerstone Festival, USA ’93)
At Steve’s Old Rental House ’93: Part 4
Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)
Starlight (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)
Distarnish Priest (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)
Symbiosis (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)
Steve Talks (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)
God Rulz, This Momentary Affliction, J.G.S.H. (Live In Andernach, Germany ’94)

NOTE: This is a region free NTSC DVD so it should pretty much play on any DVD player.