Adorned In Ash

Apocalyptic Violence

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Label : Independent   Year : 2019

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“Adorned In Ash return after 5 years with their second full-length release entitled “Apocalyptic Violence”. The band still combine elements of death/thrash/black and groove metal but have added extra melody and progression on this release. Clocking in at over 55 minutes, this blend of roaring female vocals in combination with beauty and brutality and excellent production will have been well worth the wait!”

The End Has Begun
The Day The Sky Rolls Up
Defy Your God
Crimson To Dust
Gloria In Excelsis Deo
The Mountains In Reply
The God That Bleeds
Blood Grace
The Death Of Lucifer
Inner Sanctum
Trees Of Righteousness
Beauty For Ashes
Death Is My Embrace 1: From A Distant Shore
Death Is My Embrace 2: The Call Of Evermore