Armed For Battle (VINYL)

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Label : No Remorse Records   Year : 2018

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“EMERALD was a Christian heavy/power metal band from California and was formed in the late ’70s. However, their debut mini-album Armed For Battle was released in 1987 and became a cult underground US metal release and one of the best of its kind. The original vinyl version is one of the rarest ’80s power metal releases and there was a huge demand for a re-issue that has now become reality! This vinyl version includes 2 bonus tracks and an insert with lyrics and liner notes. Highly recommended for fans of Queensryche, Sacred Warrior and ’80s US heavy power metal.” -No Remorse Records

Side A
Armed For Battle
Judgement Day
Teenage Suicide
We Attack

Side B
Winds Of Doom
Traitor (bonus)
Look To The Stars
Vengeance Is Mine (bonus)