Malchus / Pospolite Ruszenie

Caput Mundi/Swiebodnosc (split)

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Label : Nocturnal Mass   Year : 2012

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Nocturnal Mass* is pleased to announce their very first release – a split CD featuring Polish bands MALCHUS and POSPOLITE RUSZENIE.

Melodic/progressive death metal band Malchus, formed in 2004, give us “Caput Mundi” – their 2nd studio album. 7 songs (30 minutes) of hard-to-label metal – compositions characterized by their interesting structure and form. Imagine melding Opeth and Dream Theater, with guest vocals from outstanding ILLUMINANDI/POSPOLITE RUSZENIE vocalist Jan Trebacz.

Pospolite Ruszenie have brought together musicians from two completely different musical worlds for their debut recording “Swiebodnosc” – the band’s line-up comprises members of OPEN FOLK, a band who performs early/Celtic folk music, and ILLUMINANDI, known for their fantastic folk/gothic metal. Their 3 songs (15 minutes) fuse hard music with mediaeval, renaissance and baroque music and original Old Polish poetry and Bible passages for lyrics – a classic rock line-up accompanied by musicians on period instruments. Pospolite Ruszenie bring a truly unique flavour to the folk metal scene.

MALCHUS: Caput Mundi
Day After Day
My Hypocrisy
Signum Temporis
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
Stripped Of The World
Caput Mundi

Lament Over Jesus, Or Jesus Betrayed By Judas
Ascribe Unto The Lord, O Ye Sons Of Might
Lord God, The Almighty

*Nocturnal Mass is a sub-label of Soundmass that is home to high-quality underground Christian metal releases. The discs will be limited run professionally duplicated CD-Rs with professionally printed, multi-page booklets.