Death Is Defeated

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2021

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“Roxx Records is excited to once again shake the foundation walls of heaven and hell as we bring you the brand new and debut metal album from MOHLER! And it’s just the way we like it – bold and Unashamed! Get ready to wake up the fallen and shake up the believers! Mohler is a brutal death metal project that is about to drop the hammer on the Christian metal world. Raw and unrelenting, this album is ferocious and, at the same time, bold and focused on one thing – Jesus. Formerly known as Artery Eruption, the brother duo are no strangers to the death metal scene. No holds barred, death grinding slam is all you’re going to get with this one. This is hands down the heaviest Christian metal album of all time.” -Roxx Records

Featuring Grant Mohler from Crushing The Deceiver.

Eternal Blood
Destroying The Destroyer
Blotted Out Of The Book Of Life
The Name That Evil Fears
My Strength Is God Almighty
Jesus Is The Way
The Holy Spirit Is My Helper
Mighty Angels Of The Lord
The Living Word (Psalm 88)
Heaven Awaits