Erasing The Goblin (re-issue)

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$ 9.00

Label : Soundmass   Year : 2006/2013

Re-issue of Mortification’s 2006 album which includes both bonus tracks from the previous versions (“Servants of the Supreme Message” and “Dead Man Walking”), plus 9 live bonus tracks from their performance at Nordic Fest 2007. Also featuring a new cover and layout, including live photos from Nordic Fest.

Erasing The Goblin
The Dead Shall Be Judged
Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle
Your Time
Forged In Stone
Way Truth Life
Short Circuit
Dead Man Walking
Servants Of The Supreme Message

Bonus Tracks
Erasing The Goblin (Live 2007)
Brutal Warfare (Live 2007)
Hammer Of God (Live 2007)
Purest Intent (Live 2007)
Standing At The Door Of Death (Live 2007)
Spoken Word (Live 2007)
Chapel Of Hope (Live 2007)
12 Men (Live 2007)
God Rulz (Live 2007)