First Watch (2018 re-issue)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2018

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“Guardian’s 1989 debut release on the Enigma Records label. Oz Fox (Stryper) produced and mixed the album in addition to contributing vocals. It’s still amazing that this eventual classic sold 30,000 units in just the first month of its release! Expect hook-laden melodic metal that combines huge Stryper-like vocal harmonies with a top notch display of musicianship. Paul Cawley contributes a gritty but clean sounding mid-octave ranged vocal in addition to handling rhythm guitar duties. Palacios is a wonderful talent who brings out the best in the band’s sound with his melodic flavored and fast paced lead guitar work. Drummer Rikk Hart and bassist David Bach comprise a tight sounding rhythm section. David Bach contributes exclusive liner notes regarding the recording and release of First Watch. Guardian has been a household name in Christian hard rock and metal circles, contemporaries with Stryper, Bride and Whitecross! 14 total tracks including two tracks from the California Metal compilation produced by John and Dino Elefante (Kansas/Mastedon). This Retroactive Records 2017 release differs from the now out-of-print 2009 re-issue in that the 2018 Legends Remastered version of First Watch has been remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and this CD re-issue is a jewel case release which includes a 12-page insert with many band pictures and lyrics. This is the definitive CD re-issue for one of the most epic and beloved melodic metal releases of all time! This is a “One Of A Kind” re-issue that will usher you into the “Kingdom Of Rock” like never before! ″ -Retroactive Records

I’ll Never Leave You
Mystery Man
Livin’ For The Promise
Saints Battalion
Kingdom Of Rock
The Good Life
One Of A Kind
World Without Love
Rock In Victory
Marching On

Bonus Tracks
Spiritual Warfare
Marching On