Image Of Deception (CD/DVD re-issue)

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2017

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“Consecrator finally get a complete remaster of all their demo tracks to include a previously unrelesaed track! This is a truly limited edition release and it comes packaged as a 2-disc set with a bonus DVD of the band captured live back on August 17, 1992 in a headlining performance at The Refuge. Originally the video was going to be a bonus disc for the first 100 pre-orders, but it came out so nice we wanted everyone to enjoy it and make it a part of the complete package and history of Conserator! CD/DVD package comes complete with an 8-page booklet housed in a jewel case and is a strictly limited edition pressing of only 500 pieces.” -Roxx Records

Image Of Deception (Demo)
Image Of Deception
Mindlessly Betrayed
Vision Ignored
Sayings Of The Wise
Free From Death

Bonus Track (Previously Unreleased)
Meaningless (2005)

Original Debut (Demo)
Make Me Laugh
Satan Lies
Saving Song
Messiah Calls
Troubled Years
Cast Out