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Sleeping Giant

Kingdom Days In An Evil Age (re-issue)

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Label : Bombworks Records   Year : 2022

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“Sleeping Giant hit gold in 2011 with Kingdom Days In An Evil Age, their 3rd album of top-shelf Christian metalcore. One of the best things about Kingdom Days is the band’s fusion of California metalcore with the swagger of Southern groove metal: when they move into the standard hardcore breakdown, they do it with the sluggish, pounding attitude of Pantera. Tommy Green brings his usual macho, sermonizing yells, while the rest of the group hold everything together beneath the album’s punishing riffs. This includes a good amount of group choruses. The tracks explode one after another showing no mercy, the brilliantly inspirational and energetic ‘The Cross Is Suicide’ as urgent and dominating as the song ‘Jehova Shalom’ with its devastating defiant riffs and drum attack. The passion the band as a whole (and especially Green) give for their belief and message is equaled by their skillful and driven ability to create furiously keen and intensive music. The 2022 Bombworks Records CD re-issue comes in a jewel case with an 8-page booklet with lyrics and it’s been fully remastered by Rob Cowell of Bombworks Sound.”-Bombworks Records

Throne Room Militance
Dead Men Walking
Eyes Wide Open
The Cross Is Suicide
Tongues Of Fire
Jehovah Shalom
The Unnamable Name
Morning Star

Bonus Track
Destroying Every Idol