Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice (VINYL)

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Label : Nordic Mission   Year : 2021

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“The American powerhouse Living Sacrifice celebrate the 30th anniversary of their self-titled debut album from 1991 with this definitive release via the Norwegian metal label Nordic Mission. Formed in 1989, the band was in need of legal guardians in order to sign their first record contract with REX Recordings and hit the studio with Kurt Bachman (Believer) and label manager Doug Mann to record this thrash metal gem. In a time when old-school straight up thrash metal was not exactly at the peak of its popularity and the seals between Christian and secular music were shut much more than what we see today, the album was embraced by the Christian audience, but as distribution structures and listening patterns would have it, unfortunately it never reached the general metal audience. As for the music, this album reeks of harsh riffs, outstanding musicianship and youthful vengeance that still makes ears bleed after 30 years. The album grooves, delivers outstanding guitar solos and leaves the listener with the feeling of putting one’s head in a blender, only interrupted by tasteful intermissions that prepare the listener for the next attack. The vocals are haunting, delivered with a sense of urgency and the notion that a message needs to be delivered. Machine gun guitars and delicious drum chops and bass fills leaves the album sounding fat and beefy. Later on, Living Sacrifice would become a beacon and inspiration to many bands in the American hardcore scene, sell truck loads of albums and tour extensively. This release does, however, represent an unyielding and wildly aggressive speed/thrash attack that identifies bands with a burning desire in their craft. With this ultimate 30th anniversary edition we hope to increase the attention around Living Sacrifice and their furious debut album. We believe this could have had a much more solid-standing today when music and lyrics are not confined to a certain audience and listeners around the globe appreciate quality before content. Heads will bang, air guitars will be played and moshing may occur as the LIVING SACRIFICE debut blasts through your speakers.” -Nordic Mission

The vinyl is black and red splatter with a four page full size booklet. For fans of Kreator, Testament and Slayer!

Side A
Internal Unrest
Second Death
Walls Of Separation

Side B
Phragx Imas
No Grave Concern
Dealing With Ignorance
The Prodigal
Anorexia Spiritual