Minier (re-issue)

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2017

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“Originally released on the legendary REX Records in 1990, this 7-song EP of crunchy Bay Area thrash was of special interest because Minier was none other than Greg Minier of the already legendary punk/thrash/metal crossover legends The Crucified! He recorded the album at Casbah Studios with a budget of $400. When REX heard it, they fell in love with it and released it exactly as Greg had delivered it to them. Of special note, Greg was highly influenced by Metallica’s (at the time) newly released And Justice For All album and when he ran out of money recording his album, he figured if Metallica could release their album without bass, then so could he! So this classic Minier CD followed in the footsteps of And Justice For All, featuring whiplash guitars, dense drums, Hetfield-styled vocals, but no bass! The 2017 Retroactive Records remastered re-issue also features various demos recorded in Greg’s bedroom. The demo tracks include Mulligan Barf, a parody of Vengeance Rising’s epic track Mulligan Stew, with lounge-styled vocals over raging thrash guitars. Vengeance Rising legends Doug Thieme and Roger Martin used to let Greg crash at their apartment and when Greg played the track for them they loved it and couldn’t stop laughing! The 7-track EP is included in its entirety. As an added bonus and special treat for fans, we also included a very rare 5 minute interview Greg did with Dale Early of Tempered Steel Radio Show on 20th April 1991. Limited to just 500 units pressed, get it now while you can! For fans of classic era Metallica, Deliverance and Megadeth!” -Retroactive Records

Do Not Be Deceived
The Skeptic
Killing Of The Innocent
Philosophy Of Man
The Secret Song

The Bedroom Demos (1988/1989)
Do Not Be Deceived
Foolish State
Mulligan Barf
Philosophy Of Man
Sowing Life

Interview (1991)
Interview With Tempered Steel Radio Show Part 1
Interview With Tempered Steel Radio Show Part 2