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Plutopia Vol. 1

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A Pluto Records sampler.

As I Lay Dying – The Beginning
As I Lay Dying – Torn Within
Dreaming Of The Fifth – You’re Not Porcelain
Dreaming Of The Fifth – Hand Grenade (Demo)
Beauty To Ashes – Chronicles of Life
The Underdog Conspiracy – Best Friend
The Underdog Conspiracy – Victory
American Tragedy – World Intruded
Evelynn – Killing In Isolation (Demo)
Evelynn – Smiley Face
Society’s Finest – Vanity And The Gun (Demo)
Society’s Finest – Pop Culture In Houston (Demo)
Shmunks For You – You Don’t Need A Death Certificate To Die
Shmunks For You – The Known Is Ended
Canterbury Effect – Between Lines
Canterbury Effect – Conversations
My Spacecoaster – Kissing
My Spacecoaster – Try To Escape

Note: comes in black paper sleeve