World Will Burn, The


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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2017

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“The second release by the infinitely heavy The World Will Burn features iconic metal hero Dale Thompson (BRIDE vocalist) at his best! Dale has long been one of the best metal/rock voices (and lyricists) in Christian music and his work on The World Will Burn’s second album will strike you as complex in presentation and ultra creative in delivery. The band ranges from hard-hitting to light and soothing, laced with an edge of promise (and consistent delivery) of bursting into flames and rendering all around them to ashes! Musical genius Alan Zaring supplies all of the music for the album and repeatedly grabs you by the face and shows you what modern metal should be! Zaring handles the music perfectly here, with the style ranging from crunchy metal, experimental alternative and always brutal, relentless riffs! The musical style matches perfectly with Thompson’s vocals, resulting in the duo delivering a hard, stylized metal album with something to say. If you like your metal thick, rich and with depth then look no further ‘cuz you got it with The World Will Burn! At Retroactive Records, we have no problem predicting this will be on many people’s Best Of 2017 lists! This is must-have Christian metal for fans of Demon Hunter, Death Therapy, modern Bride, modern Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Fear Factory and aggressive modern metal!” -Retroactive Records

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