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Scaterd Few / Spy Glass Blue

Scaterd Blue Box Set

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2023

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“With 2 full albums by Spy Glass Blue and 4 full albums by Scaterd Few, in addition to 17 bonus tracks, the Scaterd Blüe Box Set is unquestionably essential listening. All the music has been remastered by the competent Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound), the impeccable box and album layouts by Scott Waters (No Life Til Metal) and is a collaboration between Retroactive Records and Allan Aguirre’s own Faceless Gen Recording Company. Only 500 of these will be made, so make sure to get yours.” -Retroactive Records

The 6 CDs come in jewel cases. Includes 17 total bonus tracks (many previously unreleased), tracks from the ultra-rare Cygnet band, the entire Blue EP and tracks from Allan’s Guatemala City band (1981), The Aspects!

1. Spy Glass Blüe – Shadows (1996)
2. Spy Glass Blüe – Loud As Feathers (2002)
3. Scaterd Few ‎– Out Of The Attic (1983-84)
4. Scaterd Few – Jawboneofanass (1994)
5. Scaterd Few ‎– Grandmother’s Spaceship (1998)
6. Scaterd Few – Omega No. 5 (2002)