The Avowal Of The Centurion

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Label : Nordic Mission Productions   Year : 2019

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“Nordic Mission Productions are proud to present the new 6-track release from this German death metal band! With roots back to the early 90’s, this is definelitely no newbie to the scene. The band have played gigs all around Europe and released 2 EPs and 3 full-length albums. This groovy piece of death metal – featuring heavy riffs and amazing atmosphere – is a very powerful comeback for Sacrificium. The catchy melodies, the perfect changes of mood and the way the vocals always know exactly where they are supposed to be, makes this a very memorable listen! As always, everything comes packed with a stunning album cover. Old-school and brutal death metal with an updated sound.” -Nordic Mission Productions

Heritage Of The Void
Trivial Coincidence
The Avowal Of The Centurion
Eternal Shores Of Tranquility
White Throne