Vultures Gathering

The Hunt

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2023

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“Roxx Records is excited to bring you an album we’ve all been waiting for! The debut release from Vultures Gathering. Vultures Gathering, a story of how a friendship between 3 different musicians from 3 different bands across 3 locations halfway across the world led to a birthing of a project. The collaboration between Chaz Bond, Ryan Roebuck and Andre Chiang, all known for their projects with Biogenesis, Letters To The Blind, Motivik, Ritual Servant, Shamash and Necromanicide, was something that started out as collaboration “for the fun of it”, but gained inertia and became a full-fledged project. When initially conceived, the band had in mind the melodic metal cadences of the Swedish Gothenburg scene. This project was influenced by that scene and also mirrors the NWOBHM sound that was dominant when all 3 members were growing up in the scene in the 80s/90s era. Dark, melodic and thought provoking. The words and melodies of this album deal with the issues of our time, the reality of life in this age. And finding the love of the Saviour. The album took a year and a half to finish due to a few unforeseen circumstances but finally, by the grace of God, it is all done!” -Roxx Records

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