The Light Side Of The Apple (pre-order)

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Label : Roxx Records   Year : 2023

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“We are excited to announce the brand new sophomore release from Applehead entitled ‘The Light Side Of The Apple’. Applehead, a side project and one-man effort, released its debut album in 1992 on Ocean Records entitled ‘Meaning’. Greg Minier (The Crucified/Minier) would record this single handedly to much critical acclaim over 30 years ago. Alas, the project was a one-off and would not come to light again… until now. Roxx Records is excited to bring you the sophomore release and return of underground cult classic Applehead. This time featuring Greg Minier and Jaymi Millard (Mark Slaughter Band) are ready to unveil the next piece of the pie with Applehead ‘The Light Side Of The Apple'”. -Roxx Records

Raze Hell
Worthless Words
Pretty Creepy
And The The Rain Comes Down
In Pouring Rain
A Harmonic Rain
The Destiny
The Destiny: I. Redemptio
The Destiny: II. Resurrexit Et Vivit
The Destiny: III. Ultima Pugna