Fearful Symmetry

This Sad Veil Of Tears

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Label : Retroactive Records   Year : 2003

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“Jimmy Brown (Deliverance) has a new band name, but the same cutting edge musical genius. Ever since his first Deliverance project, fans have come to expect quality, cutting edge, and culturally relevant releases. With a new moniker and backed by members Deliverance, Jimmy delivers nothing less than his finest musical masterpiece! With “The Sad Veil of Tears”, expect the trademark Bowie-like vocals bathed in the beauty of crunchy, yet ghostly guitars. This is perhaps Jimmy’s heaviest release in recent years. Those who enjoyed the industrial undercurrents of “Assimilation” will notice the definite Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails influences on “The Sad Veil of Tears”. Fearful Symmetry delves deeper into the gothic and industrial direction Deliverance has hinted at for years; thus the new name.″
-Retroactive Records

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