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Children Of The Day

Where Else Would I Go (Legacy Ed.)

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Label : Born Twice Records   Year : 2012

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“Where Else Would I Go is another triumph despite the fact that their former folk edge is all but gone and the music is moving toward mellowoften-orchestrated MOR. And for once I mean MOR in the good sense, recalling the best of The Carpenters (I know The Carpenters aren’texactly critics’ darlings but these tunes reach out to me). Gentle sighing harmonies, soft piano and electric piano, mellow strings, maybe a touch of brass. Plenty of ballads to go around, including ‘Silver Packages,’ ‘Can You Feel Him?’, ‘Goodbye’ and the solemn ‘Tried In The Fire.’ ‘Wind Blowing Softly’ gets a saxophone lead forits pop/MOR theme. My personal favorite here is ‘The Holy Spirit Song’, one of their most uplifting performances. The closing titleballad recalls The 2nd Chapter Of Acts.″ -The Archivist 4th Edition by Ken Scott

Face In The Crowd
Silver Packages
Wings Of Morning
Can You Feel Him?
Wind Blowing Softly
Holy Spirit Song
Tried In The Fire
Where Else Would I Go?